California’s biodiversity – our natural richness of plants, animals, and other living things – is extraordinary

California is considered one of the world’s 36 “biodiversity hotspots” because of its high concentration of unique species that are also experiencing unprecedented threats. We need to move beyond managing endangered species at the brink of extinction to a more holistic approach that keeps our plant and animal communities healthy and resilient to climate change and our world-renowned biodiversity intact. Shifting from ad-hoc crisis management to a broader proactive strategy requires new thinking and partnerships.

People are at the center of preserving our biodiversity. Californians have built one of the largest economies in the world while championing the protection of our natural environment. Moving forward we can—and must—maintain our biodiversity in ways that expand outdoor access for all Californians, effectively manage natural and working lands, and sustain our state’s economic prosperity.

The California Biodiversity Collaborative brings together groups and leaders from across our state to take bold action to maintain California’s extraordinary natural richness. This Collaborative was introduced by Governor Newsom through Executive Order and is the next generation of the State’s Biodiversity Initiative.

Working together across sectors and regions can be a force multiplier to realize our environmental conservation goals. Recognizing this opportunity, the Collaborative is an inclusive process to engage partners and practitioners from across California to share information and build on best practices, coordinate public and private programs and investments, develop new partnerships, and take shared action. Our collaboration aims to build a comprehensive, unified approach to conserving our biodiversity and to inspire meaningful collective action.

Governor Newsom established the California Biodiversity Collaborative by executive order. He directed the California Natural Resources Agency, to work with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the California Environmental Protection Agency, and other state agencies, to establish the California Biodiversity Collaborative and bring together experts, leaders and communities from across California to advance a unified, comprehensive approach to protecting our state’s biodiversity.

Governor Newsom’s Executive Order also directed the agencies to advance strategies to conserve at least 30 percent of California’s land and waters by 2030 in a manner that preserves biodiversity and natural resources, expands equitable outdoor lands and recreation for all Californians, and maintains our state’s economic prosperity.

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