Interagency Alignment Team


The California Biodiversity Council (CBC) held a Workshop to Align Agency Conservation Plans, Policies and Programs in October, 2012, and the results of this workshop led to their Feb. 6, 2013 California Biodiversity Council Meeting in Davis, CA where the Co-Chairs committed to a new resolution for the Council. This resolution, Strengthening Agency Alignment for Natural Resource Conservation is available as a pdf document.

The Interagency Alignment Team

As part of the resolution, CBC Co-Chairs have recommended the formation of an interagency committee to coordinate alignment activities, evaluate risks and opportunities, and maintain an inventory/description of communication and planning processes and tools. On April 29, 2013 a letter from the CBC Co-Chairs was sent to all CBC members requesting their participation. The committee is being led by US Forest Service representative Don Yasuda and interested parties may contact him [dyasuda @] or the Communications Coordinator.

The Interagency Alignment Team (IAT) currently meets every other month in Sacramento. There are also two work groups, the Environmental Indicators Work Group and the Species and Habitats Work Group. If you are interested in participating in the IAT or its work groups, please contact the Communications Coordinator to be added to the online collaboration group and e-mail list.


The Council received its first endorsement letter on the resolution from the California Water Commission.

The California Tribal Water Summit Guiding Principles and Statement of Goals includes the CBC resolution as one of its Guiding Principles.