Engaging and empowering all Californians to understand, protect and restore our biodiversity

This Collaborative brings together a broad range of leaders and groups across landscapes and ecosystems to advance meaningful action. The Collaborative will promote multi-benefit, incentive-based, voluntary and cooperative approaches that preserve biodiversity while stewarding natural and working lands, building climate resilience, and supporting economic growth. Our work will be guided by four overarching goals:

  • UNDERSTAND our biodiversity and threats it faces
  • PROTECT California’s native species and ecosystems
  • RESTORE imperiled species and damaged ecosystems
  • ENGAGE and EMPOWER all Californians to sustain our natural places and common home

The California Biodiversity Collaborative will invite experts and leaders to build a unified, comprehensive approach to preserving our biodiversity and take shared action. The Collaborative provides a platform to work together to inventory existing and ongoing efforts; identify needs and opportunities; set objectives and prioritize actions; and strategically invest across sectors and systems.

The Collaborative will:

  • Establish a baseline assessment of California’s biodiversity that builds upon existing data and information, utilizes the best available science and traditional ecological knowledge, and can be updated over time.
  • Analyze and project the impact of climate change and other stressors on California’s biodiversity.
  • Inventory current biodiversity efforts across all sectors and land managers and highlight outstanding needs and opportunities.
  • Expand the communication and use of information, indicators and tools to monitor, track and preserve California’s biodiversity and natural resources.
  • Set additional longer-term goals that shape actions in the coming years and decades.
  • Advance immediate, collaborative actions where possible.
  • Align efforts and invest strategically across sectors and ecosystems

Utilizing existing knowledge and plans, we will implement actions immediately. By continually updating our knowledge and networks, we can maintain an up-to-date understanding of what is needed and how best to accomplish our goals. This understanding, in turn, will inspire additional innovation and action.