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  • What is Biodiversity?
    Biological diversity, or the shorter "biodiversity," (bio-di-ver-si-ty) simply means the diversity, or variety, of plants and animals and other living things in a particular area or region. For instance, the species that inhabit Los Angeles are different from those in San Francisco, and desert plants and animals have different characteristics and needs than those in the mountains, even though some of the same species can be found in all of those areas.

  • California's Bioregions
    California's 10 bioregions were initially based on the state's major physiographic provinces. These bioregions were defined as part of a process to improve communication and coordination among public and private organizations. The intention was to outline regions that contained unique mixes of biodiversity and public agency responsibilities.

  • Watershed Map of California (pdf)
    This detailed 11 x 17 map shows the boundaries for all 190 watersheds in California. For the GIS data for these watersheds, please see CALWATER 2.2.1.

  • Reports and Publications
    The California Biodiversity Council's Reports and Publications include, most notably, the Best Funding Practices for Watershed Management, and the Biodiversity Along the Border Report. Please see the Reports and Publications page for more.

  • Related Links and Resources
    There are many organizations with similar goals to the CBC's. If you would like to see yours added to this page, please contact the webmaster.