California is rich with innovative groups already leading on biodiversity

The California Biodiversity Collaborative is inclusive. We invite broad participation from across California: federal, state, and local governments; tribal governments through consultation; academic and research institutions; California’s diverse communities; non-governmental organizations; outdoor recreation and access groups; private landowners and land managers; business groups; educators; and philanthropy.

California’s Natural Resources Agency, the California Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture are working together to lead the State’s biodiversity efforts. The California Natural Resources Agency serves as the organizational hub for the Collaborative. This work will be advanced in partnership with two key organizations: the California Biodiversity Network and the California Biodiversity Council.

The California Biodiversity Council visiting Paicines Ranch, which focuses on managing natural and working lands at the local and landscape-scale for integrated conservation development.

The California Biodiversity Network brings together key leaders and experts across sectors who are united to conserve California’s biodiversity. The network includes academic, tribal, scientific, governmental and education experts representing California institutions prioritizing biodiversity stewardship and inquiry. This body will help to shape and guide actions, both governmental and non-governmental, under the four goals of the California Biodiversity Collaborative.

The California Biodiversity Council was formed in 1991 to improve coordination and cooperation between the various resource management and environmental protection organizations at federal, state, and local levels. Strengthening ties between local communities and governments has been a focus of the Council by way of promoting strong local leadership and encouraging comprehensive solutions to regional issues.

The Council will organize state and federal government agencies to operationalize the four goals of the California Biodiversity Collaborative and identify how best to improve biodiversity through agency programs, investments, regulations and policies.


Our work is the next phase in the evolution of California’s biodiversity conservation movement, integrating and building on efforts started by the California Biodiversity Initiative launched by Governor Brown.  On September 7, 2018, the first California Biodiversity Day, he issued Executive Order B-54-18 and a Roadmap for the California Biodiversity Initiative, calling for a suite of actions to protect biodiversity.  The 2017 “Charter to Secure the Future of California’s Native Biodiversity,” originally signed by 26 scientific experts and now endorsed by over 500 scientists across the state, inspired the principles and actions outlined in the Roadmap.  We adopt and will advance the Charter’s four main principles: Understand, Protect, Restore, and Engage and Empower.

Message of Support by Erika Zavaleta, UC Santa Cruz

Message of Support by Jon Jarvis, 18th Director of the National Park Service

Message of Support by Shannon Bennett, Cal Academy

Message of Support by Tiana Williams-Claussen, Wildlife Department Director, Yurok Tribe